Creating exposure and awareness on TENUN by means of collaborative events. This chapter also seeks to gather Sarawakian communities to promote the harmonial cohesion of the arts and culture of Sarawak in all shapes and forms.
Focused to generate public interest through passionate Corporate Social Responsibility programmes which principles on joint conservation efforts of local traditions and languages as well as cultural landmarks and architecture with associations, local initiatives and other relevant bodies.
Seeks to cultivate talent development and knowledge transfer by means of upskilling and re-skilling workshops through the introduction of various talent development topics and modules.
Discovering local talents in various artistic fields and providing agency representation for lesser-known artists to safeguard their rights to their intellectual properties and bringing them to the professional forefront.
Sustaining the TENUN initiative by means of sales and marketing; the chapter would serve as TENUN’s point-of-sales. Aiming to streamline revenues, the Bespoke Series represents itself as a channel to market and push Sarawakian products and talents through effective branding strategies.