Dengan semakin berkembangnya dan semakin tingginya kebutuhan masyarakat terhadap pelayanan yang berhubungan dengan fashion, maka saya berinisiatif untuk membuka suatu usaha butik yang up to date dan mengerti dengan keperluan masyarakat. Masyarakat sekarang yang mempunyai fikiran yang sudah maju dan modern. Mereka seringkali mencari fashion-fashion yang up to date. Perusahaan perniagaan Butik ini berdiri adalah [...]

Wan Bynun

Wan Bynun founded her eponymous label in the year 2014, after graduating from UiTM Shah Alam with a Bachelor In Art And Design (Hons), majoring in Fashion Design. Wan Bynun is an independent fashion designer and as a brand that infuses striking contemporary colours and ethnic design into every inch of its creation. The brands [...]

Bidwin Molundim

Bidwin Molundim, 27, is a native of Sabah. He had keen of interest in sewing and designing clothing since young that lead him to pursue his dream in the fashion field. He completed schooling at SMK Kota Marudu, Sabah and sign up for a Design Technology Programme (Textile and Fashion Design) at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak [...]

Keith Sim

Based in Malaysia, one of the most intriguing and diverse cultures in Southwest Asia, KEITHSIM opened its doors in December 2017. Our head designer, Keith Sim, spent his young years in his home state of Sarawak, absorbing the essence of the local culture and traditions since birth. Allied with that, his Chinese heritage and his graduation in [...]

Maatin Shakir

Maatin Shakir keeps his designs simple with a modern twist and strives to create classy, sexy and fashionable pieces for men and women across the age spectrum. The thought of creating a shoe line came when he decided to break through into the fashion industry in a different approach. When asked why he chose to [...]

Neng Kho Razali

Born and raised in Sarawak, Neng Kho Razali is the Executive Director and Designer of HIDA-YEAT – a Malaysian lifestyle brand inspired by the essence of Borneo. Keeping an open mind while staying true to her roots and values, Neng’s passion for design has taken her around the globe, enabling her to embrace a diversity [...]