Got A Question?

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about TENUN Initiative. If your question is not answered here, please feel free to Contact Us.

1. What is TENUN Initiative?

A collaborative platform that seeks to create globally-recognized cultural artists by providing a platform that facilitates the process of discovery, development and exposure of talents through the implementation of five (5) Chapters of TENUN:-
➢ Chapter 1: The Happenings – Awareness & Exposure
➢ Chapter 2: Cultural Heritage Centre – Preservation
➢ Chapter 3: Masterclass – Development
➢ Chapter 4: The Artisan Summit – Incubation Program (Discover & Validation)
➢ Chapter 5: Bespoke – Socio-economic Development

2. Is TENUN an event or festival?

Yes and no. Yes, events and festivals are one of the key action plans taken to build awareness and exposure through The Happenings, Chapter 1.
No, because it offers much more than just events and festivals. It has Masterclass programs (i.e. art classes for kids, woodworks classes for adults, talks on photography), showcases (i.e. art exhibition, film screenings, fashion presentations) and incubation and accelerator programs (mentoring, coaching and nurturing the growth and development of homegrown artists and local talents).

3. How do I take part in TENUN?

(a) Fund Us – We appreciate any form of financial support and in-kind contribution to assist us in our community development program through various collaborative events, festivals and activities.
(b) Propose an Event – Tell us what you want to create. As a community-driven hub, we are a team of creative professionals working towards the same goal and envision building a supportive foundation to ensure the economic sustainability for the community.
(c) Partnerships & Collaborations – We love it when artists and organisations come together on creative ideas and projects that benefit community as a whole. Share with us your ideas for arts, cultural heritage – business collaborations, and will make sure it is a success.

4. Where do I obtain information on the latest events, festivals or activities?

➢ Find us at
➢ Follow us on our social media platform (i.e. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
➢ Email us at

5. How do I measure my Return of Investment (ROI) be it in the form of cash or in-kind?

We connect people worldwide with opportunities and build mutually beneficial relationships locally and globally. Our key areas are inclusive of art and creative industries such as Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Culinary, Craftsmaking, Tattoo Arts and Accessories. We are able to connect you to global networks of expertise in each of these areas.

6. What are the opportunities of partnership and collaboration?

  • Cross-ethnic Partnership – which brought together organizations presenting art and drawing audiences from different ethnic groups
  • Venue Partnership – Providing a venue or space for art and cultural participation-building activities
  • Organizations Partnership – collaboration between organizations in different cultural or artistic fields
  • Creative Partnership – Participation and involvement in creative expression nurtures and incubates the essential soft skills and direction by supporting creativity through tools and resources for effective fundraising, networking, and community outreach
  • Innovative Partnership – Created to create; Inventing and reinventing by supporting innovative programs or activities through the platform of TENUN
  • Event Partnership – Co-hosting upcoming events, festivals and activities in our community

7. Can I sell merchandises at TENUN?

Yes, definitely. We are open to your creative ideas to showcase talents and skills of our homegrown artists.

8. Do you focus on specific sectors, art forms and programme themes in certain countries?

The diverse context we work in across all of our global regions require specific, country-by-country responses. Our teams on the ground provide deep local insight helping to deliver programmes that are culturally relevant and mutually beneficial.

9. How are programmes commissioned? How do you choose who you work with? How do you ensure this is a fair process?

We offer variety and endless opportunities for community from different identities, backgrounds and cultures. We work closely with both Government and key industry players and commission scheme is being reviewed and decided by higher management. We practice equality of our community regardless of backgrounds, identities, beliefs and cultures.

10. How far in advance do you plan your events, festivals and activities? Are there specific deadlines that you work to throughout the year?

We aim to plan our programme as far in advance as possible to allow us to be creative and proactive in our programmatic and events responses – we are currently working on a strategic plan in the next 12 months.

11. Are there any risks involved? How do you communicate risks to your partners?

This initiative contributes to security and stability by creating alternative pathways, and through building understanding, tolerance and cooperation. It also creates opportunities for local talents and artists by ensuring the reflection of a diverse society in our community.

12. Are you a funder? Do you provide funding or community-related sponsorships?

At the moment, we are not a funder. However, we provide a range of support and opportunities to the local talents and artists through different channels and platforms.

13. Who are your target audience?

Our main target audience includes government agencies, private sectors, key industry players, Non-Profit Organizations, associations, chamber of commerce and local community.

14. Do you provide consultancy on financial aspects such as assisting on grants or loan application?

Yes, we do as our aim is to ensure that the creative industries are economically sustainable.

15. Where is the venue or location for all programs, events, festivals and activities?

There is no specific location or venue for that purpose as we need to take into the consideration of suitability and on top of that, we are also working closely with different venue providers.

16. How do you measure your impact and success?

Every initiative has its impact measurement framework, where we measure the quantitative and qualitative indicators. But we are also aware that impact measurement connected to soft skills such as critical thinking, creative doing and lifelong-learning approach, is a complex science and is a potential area of improvement for most of the players in this field. These intangible parameters still lack clear measurement tools, therefore part of our efforts will be aimed at researching them in collaboration with our partners.

17. Need more help?

If you have been unable to find what you need in the Frequently-Asked-Questions section, and need further help, please send an email to We endeavour to respond to help requests within 24 hours or the next working day.