Maatin Shakir

Maatin Shakir keeps his designs simple with a modern twist and strives to create classy, sexy and fashionable pieces for men and women across the age spectrum. The thought of creating a shoe line came when he decided to break through into the fashion industry in a different approach. When asked why he chose to create shoes he answered “Shoes are the backbone of fashion and every outfit would not be completed without the perfect shoes”. By 2014 he ventured in to RTW clothes, debuting his Fall/Winter 2014 collection at KLFW 2014, keeping his Simplistic Aesthetic in his collection with a twist of prints. He also infuses Sarawak elements into his designs. As a designer in the fashion industry, he continues to learn and expose himself to the current culture, trends and styles with a vision to create more pieces. This represents the chapters of his brand and he envisions it to evolve to be established and internationally recognized in the near future.