Neng Kho Razali

Born and raised in Sarawak, Neng Kho Razali is the Executive Director and Designer of HIDA-YEAT – a Malaysian lifestyle brand inspired by the essence of Borneo. Keeping an open mind while staying true to her roots and values, Neng’s passion for design has taken her around the globe, enabling her to embrace a diversity of cultures, perspectives, and inspirations. Before her design career take off, Neng got her start competing in local beauty pageants and won several titles from 1999 to through 2005. Since then, she was invited to be a judge in various beauty pageants, art events and dance competitions. She then embarked her next journey when she began crafting turbans and headwraps from her bedroom. Drawing on her rich heritage, Neng constantly create original gender-neutral pieces that define a strong focus on tribal motifs. Little did she know, her unique approach appealed to discerning clients and has garnered recognition in customizing bespoke interiors to private homes.