Love’s The Greatest Power of All.

Five percent of the profits earned from this initiative will be forwarded to The Royce Foundation.

At the age of 2, Royce Raja Wong Ing Kwang was diagnosed with Stage Three Neuroblastoma. His parents had to sell off all of their businesses in order to take care of their son as fulltime caregivers. Their road has not been easy.

The diagnosis of any cancer is devastating news for anyone, but particularly so when it comes to a child or teenager. Our every day life is turned upside down and constant changes have to be made as a cancer patient undergoes the different phases of therapy. Cancer does not only affect the patient. Parents, siblings, loved ones, friends and even teachers have their roles redefined when caring for, or merely being around a cancer patient.

Fear, confusion, disbelief, sadness, despair, anger and grief are inevitable throughout the journey when facing cancer.

If you have young children, how do you explain that one of them needs special attention and they too, would have to play their own “grown-up” roles in the care of their sibling? How do working parents juggle their jobs and careers with the daunting role of being the primary caregiver to a cancer patient? How are you going to afford treatment? How do families even start to digest the inundation of complicated medical information about the cancer and terrifying sounding invasive treatment?

What about school? How does a child with cancer continue lessons? How does a child recovering from cancer fit back into our school system? Parents and families also become overwhelmed with the countless times they have to make life and death decisions and consent to multiple procedures, tests, and treatments, often on alarmingly short notice.

The Royce Foundation is a registered charity run by friends and family members on a volunteer basis. It is the primary source for cancer information and resources in Sarawak. Comprising of families from different backgrounds, we are committed to bringing hope, awareness and education to the less fortunate. It serves as an advocate for families, as well as a liaison between healthcare providers and families. It exists to find answers to your questions, provide useful and accurate information and guidance to help make better decisions, and to connect other cancer families within the community.

We are committed to hiring professional social workers and creating resources to engage with the families of patients through education and awareness before diagnosis, during treatment and afterwards.