TENUN in its native language means “weaving”.

Weaving, at the essence of the word itself could also be defined as “creating”. And that is the simplicity of it ; our goal is to create and help others to create.

While, essentially, it is about the language of art, culture and heritage; Tenun should not be mistaken as a passion project featuring annual music festivals or cultural concerts – simply because it’s not. Nor is it about the immense commercial values that comes with all the glitz of those events – even though it really should be.

No. Tenun — to put it simply — is about the interests of Sarawak as a whole.

It aims to provide a seamless, and synergistic mechanism that would ensure that firstly ; the interests of the artisans are at all times protected; and secondly, the rich storied heritage and cultures of our various communities are preserved. By providing a cohesive effort that would put Sarawak on the world map and see our locally developed artisans take the centre stage – where they truly belong — we also look to undertake necessary measures by laying out conservation programmes in order to safeguard sanctity of our traditional assets, such as the various native languages, historical artifacts and heritage sites. This is to ensure that the pillars of our multi-racial traditions and various communities are duly preserved at all costs.


Preservation of Sarawakian arts & cultural heritage and contributing to socioeconomic development.


Creating globally-recognised cultural artists by providing a platform that facilitates the process of discovery, development and exposure of talents.

We currently represent serious artists and seek to align ourselves with marginalized self-made artists and talented individuals whose voices are often not heard – or rather those whose artistic materials have been exploited or rejected not based on the valuation of their true talents. We believe that by upskilling our existing pool of talents, and nurturing and developing their growth so they could gain mastery of their craft – that we would be able to harness the true potential of our local Artisans that would easily put them centre stage alongside other world-class practitioner of their arts and craft. This will be done through long-term partnerships, ad-hoc collaborations as well as agency representation.